Entry Information

Please note that entries are by invitation only

Contact Championship Golf if you are a professional and would like to request a new team invitation

Entry process

  • Entries must be submitted by the golf professional, the ‘team captain’, using the entry form received within his/her invitation.
  • The tournament entry form must be submitted with a $5,000.00 team deposit. $1,250.00 is applied toward the entry fee of each amateur.
  • Checks made payable to Championship Golf. Deposit may be paid by credit card (with a 1.5% processing fee).
  • Professional must ‘check’ box on entry form noting acceptance of tournament rules and terms.

The following rules apply for all competitors. The responsibility for abiding by these rules falls on the individual team members. Any financial ramifications for failing to comply by these rules are also the responsibility of the participants, and may not be passed on to the tournament coordinators, sponsors, or event vendors.

Acceptance of entry

Professionals will be notified as to team acceptance in the field following entry.

The tournament is designed for past or present club and/or teaching professionals. Professionals who are active members of any of the professional golf tours, including mini-tours, are not eligible to compete. The tournament committee reserves the right to make decisions regarding eligibility which takes effect on January 1, 2023. For a full copy of the policy, contact Championship Golf.

Acceptance is only provisional until final entry payments have been received for all teammates.

Teams may be placed on a waitlist. This depends on the number of entry receipts.

The full field is scheduled for 56 teams. If your team is placed on a waitlist, you will be notified as to your position on this list. At such time, the team may choose to remain on the list or receive an immediate refund, having your team removed. The golf professional must call to accept or deny the waitlist status.

Important dates

JULY 15, 2023

Final payments are due on this date.

This includes full entry payments for each of the four amateur participants.

Teams failing to pay in full by July 15, 2023 may be moved from ‘provisionally confirmed’ to waitlisted.

Waitlisted team captains (golf professionals) will be notified as to their status immediately following this date.

Cancellations will be accepted with full refund up until this date.
Tournament team entries are non-refundable after this date unless the team is replaced by a waitlisted team.

August 31, 2023

Payment and registration for non-golfing guests are due prior to this date.

Team captain Responsibilities

Each team is made up of one professional and four amateur partners. It is the responsibility of the professional to:

Field a team.

Provide information on each team member.

Ensure each participant pays his/her entry fees as noted.

Ensure each participant conducts himself/herself in a professional manner at all times, and abides by the rules of golf.

Provide verifiable handicap information and ensure all playing partners have handicap indexes which reflect their ability. This includes noting that amateur playing partners turn in all of their adjusted scores according to the rules of their governing golf association.

The professional must field a team with the understanding that his/her team will be obligated to complete each round without negatively affecting the pace of play. A team unable to complete each round in under 4.5 hours is advised not to enter, as failure to maintain an acceptable pace of play will not be tolerated.


The Double Eagle Invitational Pro-Am is a team event. Individual cancellations are not accepted. The team consists of five players. If an individual cancels, this individual must be replaced by the team. There is NO REFUND for an individual cancellation. If the team is unable to replace a player, the team may play with four players or an effort will be made to fill the spot with a ‘local’ player. If this happens, it is understood and agreed that there will be NO REFUND, and this is the responsibility of the team to sort out any financial ramifications.

Following July 15, 2023 – a team may cancel and receive a full refund if the team is replaced by a waitlist team. If the team cancels and is unable to be replaced, the following refund policy applies:

Prior to July 15, 2023 – Full refund for the team.

After July 15, 2023 but prior to September 1, 2023 – the team cancellation penalty amounts to $5,000 ($1,250 per amateur). The team refund will be the total amount paid minus this amount and will be paid by Championship Golf following confirmation in writing of the team cancellation.

After September 1, 2023 but prior to October 15, 2023 – the team cancellation penalty amounts to $8,000 ($2,000 per amateur). The team refund will be the total amount paid minus this amount and will be paid by Championship Golf following confirmation in writing of the team cancellation.

After October 15, 2023 – the team cancellation is not available, and no refunds will be processed.